4 Cool Tips for Better Portrait Creations Using Photoshop Plugins

After you snapped some planetary portraits either on location or in studio, you are most likely to edit the picture, so as to bring out the true beauty. Many elements that you fail to edit can impact with a portrait or distract viewers needlessly and that’s why Photoshop has been introduced to improve and salvage many pictures. Here are some tips that are most frequently used in Photoshop editing for portrait editing.

Getting the model look is bit more than using sharp lens and great lightening, while you can obtain magazine quality, stunning pictures with your regular digital camera, following these techniques. Arcsoft Portrait+ is one of the popular Photoshop portrait retouching tools that has been allowing people to create beautiful portraits, holiday cards, and do a whole lot more. The software itself fine-tunes the picture and edits after finding key facial features. It has efficient user interface and best import setting to make your portrait editing job much easier. It also has few amazing Photoshop plug-ins that can help in creating better portraits.

 Arcsoft Portrait+ software

Setting White Balance

Before you begin with any sort of portrait retouching and editing, you’re required to regulate the white balance, so that you make your picture look natural. The skin tones should be natural-looking, especially if you’ve captured the image indoors with ambient lighting and incandescent lamps.

You can also use Portrait+ to adjust the white balance. You can adjust the balance in raw, prior to importing the pictures. In this way, you can tweak your settings, so that you get more details to edit, causing less damage to your picture.

Arcsoft Portrait+

Using the Tools

Using healing brush tool, you can seamlessness and accurately take out any distracting pockmarks, bruises, blemishes, and other imperfections if you want to remove shadow spots, which have resulted due to water stains or debris on your lens. But, do not try too many things with the tool, as it can severely alter your face; for example, remove pimples, but keep the freckles. The tool works along an edge, such as hairline. You can make use of clone tool to minimize the prominence of an imperfection over completely taking it out. You can use it for natural or translucent blending.

Editing the Pictures Smartly

When it comes to editing, the most important part of the picture is eyes; removing red veins and whitening the area (removing black circle around the eyes) is essential to get a clean and crisp portrait. You can also whiten the teeth to little extent, which means removing yellow shade, while keeping the natural shading and coloring. Select the area that you want to edit, but do not choose surrounding red/lip area, as it may turn into an unappealing grey shade. Make use of color adjustment tool minimize the amount of yellow and brighten the teeth thereafter, giving normal, natural look.

Arcsoft Portrait+ software

Softening the Skin

If you’re using a professional camera, it is a plus point; but, still you can use normal digital camera to even out complexion, and softening the skin. You can make use of Portrait+ to smoothen imperfections, without altering the face too much.

So, go ahead and make use of this fantastic photo editing tool.

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