How Do You Prepare The Babysitter To Manage Your Grandchildren Well?

Both the parents and the grandparents need to set the ground rules when preparing the children for a babysitter. And once this very important caregiver finally joins the household, the parents or the grandparents needs to run through the kid’s routines and give written instructions to her. After this, it is always good to observe discreetly how things are progressing between your kids and the caregiver so as to be assured that you settled for the right person to take care of your children.

The key to successful babysitting rests in sufficient preparation for the caregiver and for a good reason. To start with, a fully prepared caregiver is able to understand your children’s routines, find things easily at your home and handle emergencies when they occur more efficiently. Among other things, this will give you peace of mind when you leave your home for work or for other life’s engagements and the caregiver more confidence while performing her chores.

Here are some crucial things that a parent or a grandparent needs to take care of before the kid’s caregiver could start working in details.

  • Run through the ground rules with her: Before allowing the caregiver to start her work at your home, you really want to set some ground rules for her that clearly spells out what she can do or can’t. In this regard, matters concerning your children discipline, playtime, TV time, eating and drinking and bedtime need to be discussed in details. And while at it, don’t forget to also discuss the rules that apply to the sitter. Some of these rules may include the use of things such as the house phone, TV, games, visitors (boyfriends), internet usage and the likes. Stress that the kid’s well being and safety are the caregiver’s first priority while they are under her or his care.
  • Emergency situation discussion: As it is, anything can happen in your house when the caregiver is on duty and hence the importance of emergency situations discussion. In this regard, show her where things such as the burglar alarms, entrances, exits, fuse box, flash lights, telephones, first aid kit and so forth are situated at your home. You should also leave your mobile number and a second set of contact numbers just in case you can’t be reached through the normal contact numbers in case of an emergency. Apart from these, give the caregiver the nearest fire brigade, poison center, hospital and police station numbers.
  • Run through the children’s routines with the caregiver: It always pays to get the caregiver to familiarize herself with your children’s routines.  Give her a written routine list showing meal time, playtime, reading time, story time, bedtime and the likes. Furthermore, offer her a guided tour of the house so that she knows where all things that the children may need are located. Also discuss with her about any medications that the kids might require in case you are away for whichever may be the reason.