It Isn’t Hard To Look For An Affordable Phone System For Your Small Business!

All business owners, whether big or small, try to identify all means and tactics to cut costs. These costs are mostly from the communication department, which ensures your business is well known out there. A good way to maintain lower costs is to buy a suitable phone system for your staff. Using phone lines is the most common means of communication and by choosing the right one, it grows your business and your staff works at ease. If you are looking for a reliable phone system, here are some you could look at.

  • Key Systems (KSU)         

Key systems are the oldest and only provide the fundamental telephone needs for your business. It is a phone system for small business of about 5-40 staff, this is highly recommended since it is very cheap and your database is not that large to handle. If you are not into technology, this was made for you.

  • Key-less systems (KSU-less)

Key-Less system is also another cheap phone system, but can only provide basic features and handle a few phone lines. It is designed for businesses with even fewer employees the KSU –not more than ten. The difference between the two is that, KSU-less has an inbuilt control unit while the other does not.

  • VoIP systems (Voice over internet Protocol Systems)

This phone system is definitely what most people are using today, mainly because it comes with several benefits. VoIP is a system that uses the internet instead of phone lines, which makes it possible for you to use the same phone number from any location worldwide. Both small and big companies can use it, so you do not have to switch to a different system; it is flexible and creates room for growth. Lastly, it is wireless thus makes it affordable (less equipment and wiring is used when setting up)

  • On-Premises PBX (Private Branch Exchange)

If you small business is growing and needs to switch, this type of phone system is highly recommended.  On-Premises PBX is not as cheap as the other three types of phone systems, especially the monthly and maintenance costs. However, as your business grows, so does the revenue. With this system, your business phone lines are connected to a satellite (your service provider), which enables the company to expand its number of employees to more than 40 people.

Small businesses need to be extra careful when choosing these systems. Select a phone system that not only works well with your company’s size but has features that match with your company’s needs too.