Roles and Responsibilities of a General Administrator in an Organization

The work of the general administrator is to provide enough support to the finance and other departments in an organization. Their job usually involves in assisting the manager, administers, and other staff of the company.

 Responsibilities of a General Administrator

Functions and Responsibilities:

Updating office manuals and system operation procedures: They are also responsible from renovating office manuals and brochures, to suit the changing business needs and ongoing improvements.

  • Attending meetings, functions and events: A general administrator should attend meetings, functions, and events important for the organization.
  • Handling guests and clients: They also take up the responsibility of managing client visits, and handling the needs of the guests who are invited by the organization

The role of a general administrator can be clerical at times. It completely depends upon the organisation they work with. However they are provided with proper training in case they are not aware of their task. Thus their job has quite a good demand and people possessing good qualities will always recruited by companies.


The administrator acts as a part of the administration team and is usually involved in supporting other members of the team. The task may include filing, answering phone calls, responding to emails, and scheduling meetings and other office activities.

Responsibilities Administrator


General Administrator requires a hold a degree in the Administration. A general administrator must have at least one year of experience working as an office setting, preferably as a receptionist, file clerk or office clerk.


The administrator should possess certain administration skills in order to manage and support the departments in an organization.

  • Administrator should possess good communication skills in order to interact with clients and vendors.
  • Should handle administrative detail and must seek greater role in handling different project works
  • Need to experienced handling the general office procedures and in use of all office equipment.
  • Should be experienced in filing and updating records.
  • Should follow the instructions of the manager.
  • General administrator should manage stress and must be flexible to work.

Sometimes companies and management use their services for scheduling appointments and other works. If you are not the one who is scheduling the work then you may have to supervise the performance and ensure that everything is working fine.

General Administrator must have excellent strong oral, typing skills, and written skills. They need to have the ability to converse well with other members. They should be able to function independently or in a team with other professionals. There is a huge demand for the administrator and receptionist Jobs in London.

Responsibilities Administrator

Knowledge of computers, word processing programs and database is necessary. Administrators must be able to operate the general office equipment, such as printer, fax machine, copy machine, and scanner. Administrator should handle all inquiries from clients and perform phone surveys whenever it is needed.

General Administrator is responsible for managing projects, opening and distributing mail, organizing files and conducting research. They may also be in charge of ordering office supplies and communicating with vendors. General Administrator duties are simply a descriptive way of saying that you will be providing support to your fellow workers.

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