How Can Pallet Racking Assist Your Business in Expansion?

There are a number of businesses who soon run short of storage space, especially businesses that are based on warehousing and/or factory based. As the company grows, it gets difficult for them to increase storage place. Increasing storage space is directly related to the growth of the company and stocking can be a crucial point in the success of the business.

You Don’t Have to Move to a New Warehouse!

Re-building or moving to a new warehouse can be an expensive option and this may not be feasible for the company. Here is when Pallet Racking systems come into the picture. This system in an ingenious storage system where products are stored in racks that is stacked in 4 or more levels. These racks are moved by an intelligently designed forklift.


Here are a few points that explain how a pallet racking system can assist you in storing and organizing your products:

> Saves Space: This is an obvious benefit of saving space. The products will be stacked one on top of another neatly in racks. It takes up lesser amounts of floor space which allows for more amount of free floor space. This helps make the entire warehouse look neater and more organized. There is effective use of vertical space which saves a lot of valuable floor space.

Saves Space

> Safety and Durability: The pallet racking system is made of high quality materials that are strong enough to hold your racks safely any height. They are stable and durable, being able to withstand all the everyday rough use. The nuts, bolts, hinges etc. are all made of good quality so as to last you a long time.

Safety and Durabilit

> Accessibility: The pallet racking system is made in is placed in such a way that the pallets can be accessed by the fork trucks from either side on both ends. They are placed in such a way that there is easy movement for fork trucks so they can get what they want.

pallet racking system

> Easy-to-Maintain Inventory: The pallets are open and not closed in boxes which makes it extremely convenient while making inventory and updating it.

Easy-to-Maintain Inventory

> Convenient: The pallet racking system can be very convenient and is efficient and delivery is quick. The feasibility of being able to access any product within any pallet with the same amount of ease is quite a desirable feature. If you’re hesitant on investing in a new one, you can always checkout the range of used pallet racking, which is fairly cost effective.

used pallet racking

Here are the different aspects of a business where the pallet racking system can be used:

> In warehouses: Expanding your warehouse could never have been easier. The efficiency and workflow of the operations can be greatly increased when you install a pallet racking system. You can either store heavy products on pallet racks lined against the wall or store them over fewer levels spread across the entire warehouse floor leaving isles for movement of form trucks.

In warehouses

> In Retail Stores: Businesses with little space but large amounts of products will find the pallet racking system extremely useful as it clears out large amounts of space leaving space for movement or more storage opportunity. Their store rooms can hold more, while being more organized.

Retail Stores

> In Manufacturing Units: Pallet racks are so versatile that they can be easily used in manufacturing units to store raw materials/finished products/ingredients in a more organized fashion This will improve the overall functionality of the unit.

Manufacturing Units

Investing in pallet racks can be cheaper and more effective way of increasing storage space. You could look at some pallet racking systems at

Jean Hawkman is a project consultant for chemical factories and often recommends the use of pallet racks in his designs.