Receptionist – A Rising and Enterprising Career Avenue for Aspiring Candidates

Receptionist job is a very interesting and an enterprising career opportunity. More career prospects have opened up for this job in recent times.

This job offer calls for meeting people on a daily basis, taking care of the visitors, welcoming them, fixing appointments, attending or making telephone calls, handling e-mails, messages and many other activities. This is not just a simple desk activity. It involves proactive thinking, quick response and timely actions.

Prospects for this role

The number of job offers for the receptionist role is growing and it is expected to reach more than 50,000 in a span of 5 years. People have now started realizing the bright future in this role.


This role is available both for full-time as well as part-time. As this is a flexible job, it offers a great scope for the candidates. In addition, it is not an average paying job. Receptionist jobs are being well paid by many companies, as they would be the first person anyone would meet when they enter the company or office.

As the prominence of this role and the job prospects are being popularized among people now, there is a heavy competition among the candidates. Grabbing the job offer is not easy. You should have a standard and a self explaining resume. If you have a good resume showcasing all your qualities and talents, you would have high chances of getting the job.

Framing a good Receptionist Resume

A resume should let the recruiters know that you are best fit for the position and are capable of multi-tasking.

> Firstly, the resume objective has to be very clear and precise. The objective must explain your skills in short such as communication skills, people handling skills, computer handling skills etc.

> In the resume body, your skills have to be explained in detail. The skills may be divided as Office / Administrative skills and Computer skills.

> After this, mention the companies where you have worked as a receptionist previously along with the time period.

Framing a good Receptionist Resume

> Provide details of the responsibilities and activities you have handled in the previous organizations.

> In the later part of the resume, provide the details of your education and any other competitive skills you possess.

Provide more attention while framing the objectives of your resume. The recruiters would look at the objective first. If that is not impressive, your resume may be rejected even though you may possess the required skills.

There are many websites from where you can seek help such as and many others. These would provide you with all the information necessary about a receptionist job, resume and interviews.


Unlike the past, receptionist job is not considered as an unattractive job. It is an interesting and competitive job offer, which requires you to develop many qualities to be fit for that position. For getting a good receptionist job offer, your resume should be crisp and detailed. You can follow the above mentioned tips to write one.


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