5 Online Marketing Platforms That You Should Be Using Already!

Okay, if you are already a part of the world of online marketing and are thinking about looking for some new platforms to help you succeed, where do you look? Because there are so many to choose from these days and it isn’t easy pinpointing the ones that will add serious value to your own particular brand. We’ve managed to cast our net across the whole shebang and have some very good news indeed. Here are the 5 must have online marketing platforms that should fit your need, no matter what industry sector that you currently occupy. At least one or two of these should fit the bill rather nicely. So please take a few minutes to peruse and hopefully you will soon be looking at some very decent conversion rates.


This bad boy should already be a part of your online marketing campaign and if it isn’t, get some Hubspot in your life today! Put fairly simply, Hubspot is the first marketing software that actually has all of the tools that you will ever need to manage and maintain your online strategy and all that your campaign entails. It will help you with creating cool blog posts, ebooks, videos, infographics and pretty much everything else that a respectable online marketing campaign needs. It is also great at setting up calls to actions, converting landing pages and collecting vital information about your customer base. So what is stopping you?

Online Marketing Hubspot


Currently a part of Salesforce, this cool marketing software will enable you to integrate all kinds of useful digital marketing tools and strategies. The whole point of exacttarget is to make the relationship between brand and customer far easier to manage and more beneficial for both parties. It does this by altering the emailing, social, web, marketing automation and basically every aspect of engagement that needs attention, The beauty of exacttarget is the way that you can tweak it to fity your own bespoke campaign until everything is perfect and tickety-boo.


This is a fantastic marketing automation software that really does exactly what it says on the rather posh looking tin. Marketo will save you so much time and especially so when it comes to multi-channel campaigns. You will soon find it easy to manipulate and pretty soon you will be looking for even more customers to make full use of this powerful marketing tool.

Online Marketing Marketo

Marin Software

This all in one online marketing software is a fabulous way to lessen your workload and you will soon find new ways to win those online bids without breaking a sweat. ROI is all the rage here and social, mobile and display advertising; the gang is all here with some very cool paid search advice to boot. Once you start to dig into Marin Software you will soon find more marketing treasures than you realise even existed

Use these tips wisely and see where your Flooring Toronto blog is eanking in a few month’s time!

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