Everything You Need to Know About the Take 5 Awareness Program

The employer in a manufacturing concern is responsible for making sure that they take all of the right steps for the safety and security of their employees. There are strict legal requirements and codes that must be followed by employers to ensure that workers are aware of the hazards in the workplace. The government might carry out checks regularly to ensure that the factory or workplace is safe and secure.

That is one of the main reasons why so many companies hold detailed training and orientation sessions when they hire new employees. It is important that the employees understand the risks and hazards within the workplace. One of the best ways to spread safety awareness is the Take 5 program.

You might have seen the warnings “Take 5- Stay Alive!” in your factory at one point or another. There are several variations on this program, though the core process still remains the same. Awareness posters are generally hung throughout the workplace so that employees constantly heed the warnings. With time, this becomes embedded in their subconscious and also becomes a part of their muscle memory. Take 5 booklets are printed and given out to trainees and new employees. These booklets contain a summary of different safety procedures that need to be followed around the workplace.

The Basic Process

The first step is for you to understand the basic Take 5 process. Here are the five steps involved:

  • Stop: The first step is to stop and think about what you are going to do. The program expects that you stop whatever it is you are doing and take up to a minute to assess your next move.
  • Look: The next step is to take a look at what you are about to do and identify any risks or hazards involved.
  • Assess: Assessment plays an important role. Once you have identified the hazards and risks involved, you need to assess the amount of damage that can be caused due to these hazards.


  • Manage: Once you have assessed the extent of the damage, you can implement controls to minimise the risks and also inform others.
  • Safety: Complete the task while taking proper care so as not to put yourself in harm’s way.

Why Is It Important?

The Take 5 program can save a person’s life and prevent him or her from serious harm. In most situations, people don’t even think before they start acting. That’s the basis on which the program was formed: to just ask people to take five minutes and think about their actions. Such a simple thing could save a person’s life and prevent serious injuries. The Take 5 awareness program should be implemented in all workplaces and manufacturing concerns where heavy machinery is used. You can get the Take 5 booklets printed at various local business printing companies. You should ideally get the booklets printed in bulk so that you can give them out to your employees later on.